Washington State Credit Ban: Everything You Need To Know

At PCRG, we're here to walk you through whatever questions you have about the Washington State Insurance Credit Ban.

Read this first:


Currently, insurance companies are allowed to use credit information when deciding  whether or not to offer someone insurance and to calculate how much to charge them.

Credit scores, along with other factors including where you live, your claims history, driving record and age, are used by insurers in a secret formula to create an "insurance score" they say predicts the likelihood you will file a claim.


What's happening in Washington:


Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kriedler has asked legislature to ban the use of credit scores when determining how much to charge someone for their insurance premiums.


How does this impact you?


Without the use of credit scoring, insurance premiums could increase as much as 60% for some insurance carriers, thus increasing your insurance premiums significantly.

How PCRG Can Help:

If you're concerned with the credit rating situation and want objective advise and insurance quotes, we would love to help. We proactively shop your rates with multiple carriers to get the best combination of cost and coverage.

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